Have you ever said, "I'd love to host a virtual event, but....."?

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Build Your Virtual Event Boot Camp

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Have you thought of hosting a virtual event but feel stuck or overwhelmed?

  • You've never hosted an event before, let alone a virtual one, and don't know where to start
  • You've hosted live events but have no idea how to bring it online
  • You start to plan your event but get overwhelmed with all the details and then just stop
  • You're worried that you'll host a virtual event but no one will show up

That's where the Build Your Virtual Event Boot Camp comes in.

Join me and you'll create a blueprint for an event that will attract the right people and make money!

Planning a virtual event doesn't need to be scary.

I'm Kathleen Magee, event planning coach. With this boot camp, I'll help you create a clear blueprint so you can add revenue-generating, audience-building, brand-growing events to your business.

Here's what you'll learn...

Day 1: Set a solid foundation to make the rest of your planning SO much easier

Day 2: Nail down your ideal attendee to fill up your event with the RIGHT people

Day 3: Find the topic & title so the event will sell itself

Day 4: Use my 3-part system to generate client-attracting messaging to stop them in their tracks

Day 5: Discover the best ways to make money from your event

Excited?? Check out what you'll get in the Boot Camp:

LIVE Done-with-you Boot Camp ($500 value)

I'll be going live in the Facebook group each day with trainings that will keep you moving forward and reduce the overwhelm of "all the things."

Daily Q&A session ($200 value)

Each day, after the training, you'll get to ask questions to get clarification on anything covered in the Boot Camp so you don't get stuck and lose momentum.

I want you to take action and get your virtual event planned! Don't stay stuck! I know you can do this and with this simple training you can have your event ready to go quickly.

Private community ($100 value)

This group will be dedicated to the Boot Camp and includes others who are also wanting to build their first virtual event. These other students will form a great audience so you can hold each other accountable and get feedback.

All for FREE!

Why take this Boot Camp with me?

During 20+ years in corporate marketing and event planning, I planned tons of events including small executive retreats, national meetings, educational sessions, award dinners, off-site activities, golf tournaments and workshops. Twenty years of doing that gave me a strong foundation for doing it right!

During that time I also started working with virtual events, and saw that even though they were not in-person, connections were still built and sales were still made!

I started Violet Hill Events as I knew that entrepreneurs could gain the benefits of events, both in-person and virtual, but most didn't host them because they either didn't know where to start, thought it was too much work, or were scared they'd lose money.

These strange, turbulent times right now are forcing entrepreneurs to think outside the box and look for different ways to retain the relationships they have with their current customers as well as build new audiences.

I hope you'll join me in the Boot Camp and not miss the opportunity to bring virtual events into your business!

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